,,Written in stone!”

Term 1 History of castles  – CLIL subjects:  Citizenship, History, ICT, target language: English

A1 – create a logo of the project (art exhibition, choosing the best logo via webpage and ICT tool – such as Tricider

A2 – organize space at school for Erasmus Plus board

A3 – create and run a project webpage

A4 – getting to know our partners (lap books, videoconference)

A5 – mind maps – Castles in our region

A 6 – prepare an interactive brochure about famous castles in the country

A 7 – start a newsletter about project activities

A 8 – evaluate the data to show what you`ve learnt  using ICT tools

Term 2 Heraldry- CLIL subjects:  Art,  History, Maths,  target language: English

A9 – visit a local museum or an archive to learn new information about heraldry

A10 – discovering different types of coat of arms in the castles in region (tour abound the local castles, taking photos of different coat of arms)

A11 compile and analyze data by creating visual aids such as charts and graphs

A12 – choose a coat of arms of a castle in your region, explain its characteristics and display on public (using various ICT tool)

A13 – create a coat of arms of a chosen castle using a technique of mosaic

A14 – teachers prepare lesson plans relevant to the topic

A15 – prepare a peer programme for your classmates about heraldry (craft workshop in English)

A16 – questionnaire application and  measuring of the campaign effects (Evaluation 1)

Term 3 Everyday life in castles  – CLIL subjects:  Art , History, Physics , target language: English

A17 – create a comic introducing a day in a castle (king´s view, nobles´ view, peasants´ view…)

A18 – visit a local museum or a library and learn more about crafts in castles

A19 – compile data and create a leaflet using various ICT tools

A20 – make  models of catapult and learn more about catapults and trajectory

A21 – organize a competition using catapults

A22 – find the information about food and meal in castles and organize a „medieval feast

Term 4 Art in Castles – CLIL subjects:  Art , History, Music,  target language: English

A23 – visit castles in your region and learn more about stained glass windows

A24 – create a model of a stained glass window at your school

A25 – organize competition of poetry about project theme (at school level and  project level)

A26 – visit a museum or an archive and compile data about music in a chosen castle

A27 – make musical instruments and rehearse a „troubadour  performance“

A28 – questionnaire application and measuring of the campaign effects

Term 5 Ghost stories – CLIL subjects:  Art , History, Literature,  target language: English

A29 – prepare a brochure about typical ghosts of your country (use mother language and English)

A30 – investigate the similarities and differences between your country and other partners („ghost of the county“)

A31-  use ICT tools to present your analysis

A32 – learn more about local ghost stories (museum, library, castles, …)

A33 – create an e-book about ghost stories of the region

A34 – organize a „game“ for your classmates on the project topic (board games, adventurous games)

A35 – teachers prepare lesson plans relevant to the topic

Term 6 Entertainment in castles – CLIlL subjects:  Art , History, Drama,  target language: English

A36 – create and organize a theatre production with a project theme, present to parents (film/puppet show/performance)

A37 – preparing costumes for the performance

A38 – exhibition of object by students for public

A39 – presentation of the final products and conclusions at the school inspectorate and community level

A40 –  teachers prepare lesson plans relevant to the topic