A1 –  Forming Erasmus+ Clubs in Partner Countries. Creating Erasmus Street in each school, where all visuals and activities take place of the project.

A2 – Designing the logo of the Project (Project`s logo contest. International voting).

A3 – Cultural Heritage Brings Us Closer.

A4 – Establishing Erasmus Corners in each partner school. 

A5 –  Preparing a survey using questionnaires to define students’ and parents’ level of awareness about Cultural heritage in their country and in other European Countries then evaluating the conclusions.

A6 – Preparing posters about partner countries. A quiz to test the level of knowledge of the partner countries.

A7 – Natural Heritage of Europe

A8 – Posters about natural heritage of Europe. Using Cultural Heritages as the models for art classes to design new things , create new fashions or tools.

A9 – Sound of Europe

A10 – Photos and descriptions of traditional musical instruments of the partner countries.

A11 – Preparing a composotion contest in native language about “Why sdould we protect Cultural Heritage and How can I do it?”

A12 – Identities, Diversity & European Unity

A13 – Students from each partner school will prepare videos and slide shows about their own countrys’ cultural heritage. They will present it to other students in native language describing how –why important they are. Students will use ICT in effective way.

A14 – Preparing New Year`s video message and sending it to each partner country

A15 – Each partner’s traditional clothes and visuals will be shown at the Erasmus corner

A16 – Great Philosophers of Europe

A17 –  Preparing posters on which some important maxims from famous philosophers (scientists, painters…) take place. Speaking activities about these philosophers ideas. Hanging out the booklets under the title of “guidance for youngs” to the neighbourhood schools and institutions (these booklets will include great ideas from these philosophers)

A18 –  Designing an e-magazine and sending it to the local authorities, organizations, parents and media (2 editions in 2 years time); Preparing the slogan and good practises contest „What do you do for protecting your cultural heritage?

A19 – The Taste of Europe

A20 – Making a questionnaires for evaluating the Project and evaluating the results. Preparing the final report.

Erasmus Days 2019

Erasmus Days 2020

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