The first period:  ”Let’s know ourselves and one another” –  September 2017- December 2017

A1.1 – Student exchange of greeting cards

A2.1 The logo contest

Erasmus+ corner

A3.1. Health (physical, psychological disorders; addiction, forms of abuse)

A3.2. Family (parent relation, divorce, mono parental, parents working abroad)

A3.3. Friends (conflicts, communication and behavior problems)

A3.4. School (teacher relation, rigid rules, classroom diversity)

The second period:  ”Speak out your feelings” – January 2018- August 2018

A4. Designing and applying common worksheets and questionnaires;

A5. Creating the project blog

A6. Making a booklet on students’ own experiences

A7. Writing short plays

A8. Performing and recording of the plays

A9. Students  produce art works, paintings and photos

A10. Students write/choose songs which help them to express their emotions

The third period:  ”Together is better” – September 2018-March 2019

A11. Create an Anti-Bullying pledge

A12. Have a lecture with a psychologist

A13. Be a detective – research

A14.  Labeling feelings – interview

A15. Different and similar – discussion

A16. Wall poster with a tree

A17. Adventure and movement: respect and tolerance through sports

A18. Exhibition

A19. Students perform in a play

A20. Organize a Fair-well party with the school community

The fourth period:  ”Classroom management” – April 2019-August 2019

A21. Thematic games such as ”The good behavior”

A22. Let’s change the break

A23. Making of a ”behavioral contract”

A24. Behavior monitoring- making progress worksheets

A25. Making up scenes of bullying using own experience and finding solutions

A26. Analyzing of some case studies for bullying prevention in classes

A27. Making an exhaustive guide called ”I am not ashamed of my deeds”


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