A1 – ” boxes paper only”

A2 – art exhibition – posters speak more than thousand words;

A3 – Erasmus Plus board;

TPM –  Poland

A4 – Info through brochures, leaflets to support recycling;

A5- prepare questionnaires  about recycling;

A6 – create a project webpage

A7 –  the newsletter about project activities;

A8- lesson plans connected with recycling;

A9 – investigate and calculate the energy used to provide lightingș

A10- evaluate the data to show what you`ve learned

A11- create a logo of the project;

A12 – eco decorations);

A13 – survey or interview community members about environmental issue

A14- compile and analyze data by creating visual aids

A15- search renewable energy

A16- discovering different types of energy and building windmills;

A17- Earth Day celebration;

LTT – France

A18- eco decoration Easter

A19- environmental  day

A20 – investigate how to reduce electricity consumption;

LTT – Sweden

A21 – organize walk to school week  using pedometers

A22- organize competition of poetry about project theme;

A23 – golden rules

A24 -Christmas joy – eco cards

TPM –  Spain I

A 25 – biodiversity tour

TPM –  Spain II

A26 -migration maps;

A27 – create tour guides using ICT tools;

A28- plant a tree – a day against deforestation – small actions can make a big impact;

A29- forest day celebration;

LTT – Poland

A30 -identify non-native or invasive species

A31 – identify and research species and the natural history

A32 – project to make a school garden or adopt a park

A 33 –  organize an environmental day

A 34- create and organize a theatre production

A35 – preparing costumes from second hand clothes for the performance

A36 – create a design of a bag

A 37- visits to local waste processing companies

A38 – exhibition of object made of recycling materials by students

LTT – Romania

A 39 – questionnaire application and measuring of the campaign effects

A40 – prepare experiments using water

A41 – create series of activities that teachers can use in class

A42 – organize an environmental day

A43 – research plants that can survive on little water

A44 -water day celebration

A 45 -survey local beach, river, lake and document the types of trash found there

LTT – Czech Republik

A46 – presentation of the final products and conclusions

Final presentation and conclusions