C1 / Starting Period: 09-2020Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsFoundation of European Youth Climate Council (EYCC)
P1 / Starting Period: 09-2020eTwinning conference:Cross-border project meeting of the project coordinators for detailed planning of the project
P2 / Starting Period: 10-2020Basic information about the change of climate, waste of energy and global warming
P3 / Starting Period: 10-2020That´s me and my school and our efforts for a better climate. Presentation made by pupils for the other project partners in eTwinning online conferences
C2 / Starting Period: 03-2021Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsExperiencing the impact of plastics on the climate change
C3 / Starting Period: 05-2021Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsChanges in floral and animal realm caused by climate change and how to mitigate/handle them
C4 / Starting Period: 10-2021Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsWe are the shield of the earth
P4 / Starting Period: 02-2022Preparation of the Europe Day in each country. A great opportunity to show results and content of this Erasmusplusproject to all school members, parents and family, public and press
C5 / Starting Period: 03-2022Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsAlternatives (e.g. hydrogen and others)
P5 / Starting Period: 05-2022Working on the summary
C6 / Starting Period: 06-2022Short-term exchanges of groups of pupilsSumming up, Perspectives,Actioon
P6 / Starting Period: 07-2022Hydrogen. Material for teachers and pupils in exchange by all schools.

Erasmus Days 2020

Erasmus Days 2021