,, Food for Thought – A Cultural Recipe of European Traditions and Customs!”

First semester

– A1 – Logo competition – a competition organized by students to create a logo of the project;

– A2 – Brochures about partner countries – basic information about partner schools, towns/cities, regions, countries;

A 3 – Brochures with everyday language of each partner country (basic phrases);

– A4 – European Language Day on 26th September at each partner school – presentations PowerPoint partner schools, songs, quizzes, posters etc.

– A5 – Brochures with everyday language of each partner country (basic phrases);

A6 – Posters about partner countries made by students at each school;

– A7 – Project corner at each school updated;

– A8 – Project website;

– A9 – eTwinning page and group on Facebook;

– A10 – Project blog;

Second semester

– A11 –  Questionnaires: about developing social skills, students’  healty lifestyle, healthy food;

– A12 –  Scientific workshops with food;

– A13 – “My favourite food” – posters made by students;

– A14 – Culinary workshops at each partner school;

– A15 – “Traditional food in my country” – cookbook made by students;

– A16 – “My salad is the best” – competition between students;


Third semester

– A17 – “Traditional Food Through Europe” – a cookbook prepared together by all partner schools;

– A18 – “Food Crosswords” – a collection of crosswords connected with food;

– A19 – “Culinary Book” – a collection of recipes from all countries involved in the project;

– A20 – “Healthy Food in My Life” – culinary workshops at each school;

– A21 – “A Cooking Calendar” – a calendar with photos of traditional food from each partner country;

– A22 – “My Spring Salad” – a cooking competition to celebrate the first day of spring in each partner school;

– A23 – “My Favourite Dish for Easter” – posters prepared by students;

– A24 – Common survey to find out the knowledge about European food. The same survey will be repeated at the end of the project.

Last semester

– A25 – Creative writing “pen friendship”: writing a story about food which will be continued by another country;

– A26 – Game with dice with questions prepared by students about the countries involved and their food;

– A27 – Singing and recording a song about food in native language and creating a common CD.

– A28 – Prepare lesson plans on the topic

– A29 – Recipe gallery: sharing of information among partners

– A30 – e-book preparation: “Traditional Food Through Europe”

– A31 – A drawing map of „Foods travel” through years referring to migration

– A32 – Presentation of final products